Day 3 – I Wish I’d Stayed in bed!

           You know when you get one of those days, well this one was my’n! I woke up to my wife telling me that I was going to be late for work and that we had both slept through our alarm clocks. I got ready at the speed of light and headed for the car, as soon as I started it, the fuel light came on. I was going to have to stop for fuel on the way, now I was definitely going to be late. I’ve been trying to give up cigarettes recently, so my wife bought me a vape thing, that I don’t really get on with. I don’t mean that I argue with it or that I stand in the street shouting at it or anything, I just don’t get on with it. Well anyway, I’d left the vape thing at home. So I had to buy some cigarettes, which might I add cost a fortune in the petrol station I stopped at.

           I finally get to work about 45 minutes late. I parked the car and headed for the smoking shelter. I should point out that I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and that it was raining heavily. The shelter wasn’t really doing it’s job, so I went to get my coat from the car; the one I keep in the boot (trunk if American) for such occasions.  I opened the boot, no coat. So I stood in the rain smoking my wet cigarette. But I wasn’t going to let this bad start ruin my day.

           I got into work and set about my business. Having decided yesterday that I was going to up my capital on the trading platform, I opened my positions. Now one thing that you can’t account for when trading with larger sums of money is emotions, and my’n were running wild. Suddenly, I wasn’t down a couple of pence, I was down pounds and I was haemorrhaging money fast. In panic, I quickly closed my positions, resulting in several losses. Then I saw one that caught my eye…

          As soon as I opened the position it was evident that I had made an enormous mistake. I had opened the position with over half the money in my trading account! I was instantly down £26.00, so I did what any rational person would do, locked the phone and put it down. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. A couple of hours later and I plucked up the courage to check my phone. I was up £6.80 and I instantly clicked close; closing at £7.43. What a relief! I made a few other trades with much smaller amounts, but the losses earlier in the day meant that I was down 67 pence overall. Today was also the birth of my blog, in which I invested £84.00 in a premium account in the hope of generating income at a later stage.

The post was written in the early hours of the 5th January 2018 and is based on a journal entry made on the 3rd January 2018.


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