Day 4 – Blog writing – Playing Catch Up

           Something quite funny happened today. But before I go in to it, let me give you some background. During the Christmas holidays, I have been awake until around three/four in the morning; which has altered my body clock. Since going back to work, I’m having terrible trouble getting to sleep, so my wife suggested that I take some sleeping tablets to get my body back into the routine. Last night, she handed me two with a glass of water and off to bed I went. Within half an hour I was sleeping.

           I woke up this morning to my wife asking me what day it is, I thought that’s an odd question. But I could not answer her because I didn’t know, so she asked me again and I still didn’t know. Then she asked me if it was a week day and I was pretty sure it was. I asked her why she was asking me so many questions, that’s when she said it was 10:30. Not again! I’ve not been late for work once in three years, now twice in a week! So I told her “Goodnight” and off to work I went, well after I’d put fuel in the car again. I swear that thing drinks fuel and eats tiers.

           I came from work a little earlier than usual today and started getting the blog up to date, while simultaneously losing £1.37 on the trading platform; my position is still open, so there is some hope yet.  I think that I need to take a step back from the trading platform, as I’m losing money daily and making some bad decisions.  I’m going to back to using small sums, it won’t make me a lot of money because of the low amounts, but I’ll take that over losing money any day.

          I looked at ways of increasing my site traffic today and I came across a marketing website which offers per click advertising. I need to look into it further, but so far it looks pretty good. I’ll let you know.


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