Update coming soon…

I realise that I haven’t posted any content on here for some time, but this doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned my goal. In fact, the complete opposite is true. I am working tirelessly on my goal every day and have been for months.

In the coming days (or possibly next week) I will post an update on my progress and talk you through what I have been doing, what I am currently doing and the target for the next few months; all of which would not have been possible had I not have had a crazy idea one day in December 2017.

If I get side tracked, which is often the case with everything going on, please feel free to jump into the comments and I’ll make the time to write the post. What I will say though, is that there are exciting times ahead. So, keep an eye out for my next post.

Day 16 – Progress Update

On the first on January 2018 I started with £250, today my current balance is £206. This may seem like a backward step, but I did invest £84 in my blog around the 3rd of the month. In the past two weeks, despite the losses I incurred early on, I have earned approximately £40 in profit from trading stocks. If I’m honest, I’ve hardly traded at all in the last five days as I have been working on and researching other things. I’m not worried that I won’t meet my target as I am laying the foundations for the things to come. One thing I can tell you, is that it is difficult to find the time to fit everything into a day! But, I feel that I’m making good progress.

Ideas are coming to me faster than I can write them down, I’m certainly not lacking in that department. I have a few with great potential but, like most of my ideas, it’s going to come down to the execution. I have no experience whatsoever in many of these areas, so its going to be very interesting!

One area I have been researching is the monetisation of my blog; a no brainer really. I have several ideas for this, one of which was to include an Amazon banner in the footer of the blog. However, WordPress have other ideas as they do not permit the use of certain html tags for security reasons; WordPress do however support Ad Sense. This is an area I’ll look into, but one things for sure, I don’t want lots of ill placed adverts; one or two maybe. The biggest issue with Ad Sense seems to be the lack of control over what is advertised; this is something I don’t like. It’s a shame that WordPress can’t come to some sort of agreement with Amazon, but there we go… (I’m not talking about affiliate links here; I’ve seen some very clever uses of them on a few posts this week).

If I am going to hit my target, I need to generate as many income streams as possible. They don’t all need to generate massive amounts of income; they just need to generate something. What really changed my perspective on this, was a YouTube video in which Bob Practor discusses the three strategies for earning money, M1, M2, M3 (6:48 to 10:15) and the principle that income streams of different sizes are all added to your bank account (13:32 to 14:04). The video is a bit salesy in parts, but if you stick to the parts I’ve suggested, you’ll be fine.

I know that I’ve been a bit cryptic on the ideas front, but many are in their infancy. Once I’ve got them up, running and working, I’ll share them with you.

The Black belt analogy

Around 2010 I started martial arts and it taught me a valuable lesson. Everyone wants to be a black belt, but very few people achieve it. Why? Because they underestimate what is required to achieve it. They want to walk into a dojo and become an instant black belt and the same principles apply in life. People want instant gratification, they don’t want to spend the time to perfect their skill. What I am describing here, is the old me. The guy who wanted everything instantly, but wasn’t prepared to do take the long road. I would often give up quickly and become bored easily. If I didn’t see instant results, I would lose interest and move on.

What martial arts taught me is that life is like belts. Right now, you’re a white belt and your goal, well that’s the black belt; metaphorically speaking. The belts in-between are the steps you must take to achieve your goal. Nobody goes from white belt to black belt without completing the steps in-between. If they did, would they feel a sense of accomplishment or that they are worthy of the achievement? I think not.

Think about what it is that you truly want. What’s your black belt? What are the steps you must take to make your goal a reality?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Loa Tzu


There has to be more to life…right?

Have you ever walked past a person in the street, or heard of somebody else’s situation and asked yourself why is it that they have not done or are not doing anything to change their situation? Why do people work long hours in unskilled positions, paying peanuts? Before I go any further, I just want to it clear that I am not talking about those that have actively sought such positions through choice. These people are succeeding by default, as they are doing what they chosen to do. That’s the key difference, choice. I am referring to those who work in such positions out of necessity or simply to pay the bills; which are seldom met.

How many times have you heard people complain about their job, their pay, working conditions and how they wish they could do something else. But when you question them as to why they do not do something different, like retraining or starting their own business. They say that they could never do that, that they are too stupid, they don’t have the funds etc. This is mindset; the little voice in your head that tells you that you can or can’t do something.

Mindset is a two-edged sword. It can prevent you from progressing in life and keep you where you are, or it can give you a new life; the one you dream of. I’m talking from experience here. See I started from humble beginnings and didn’t have very much growing up. I wasn’t academic in anyway, nor was I particularly good with my hands and top if off, I’m dyslexic. My mindset was always that I couldn’t go to university, that I wasn’t clever enough and that I was dumb. That little voice in my head just kept me jogging on the spot and prevented me from running towards my dream.

At the age of 25, I was made redundant from an unskilled job. I had two young mouths to feed, a roof to keep over our heads, and bills to pay. Suddenly, I was unable to do any of it and we were so poor that I could barely afford to put food in our mouths. This is where my mindset changed and it did so with a single statement ‘I will never be this poor again!’.

Enter mindfulness. If mindset is the little voice in your head, mindfulness is where you control that voice and tell it to shut up! Mindfulness can completely transform your perception of the world around you and once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change. You start to see that the world isn’t the way you thought. That actually, you’re in your own little bubble and you are where you are, because of the way you think. Keep telling yourself you can’t and you never will, it really is that simple. Mindfulness is not positive thinking per say; it’s just not negative thinking.

I have achieved and gained more knowledge in last 3 years than some of my peers with over ten years’ experience in the industry. Mindest played a massive part in my success and when someone tells me that ‘it can’t be done’, I always tell myself ‘I’m not f*cking having that! I’m not F*CKING having it! There has to be a way!’. Likewise, if some tells me ‘you’ll never do that’, I recite my favourite Mohamed-Ali quote ‘I’ll show you how great I am!’. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and firmly believe that there is a solution to every problem, we just don’t know it yet.

Changing your mindset is the first step to changing your life. See we are conditioned all through our lives; we should behave a certain way, peruse certain careers and stay within our abilities. To this I ask, what is the difference between a doctor and a bin man? The answer is simple; the bin man didn’t think he could become a doctor. In birth, we are equal in knowledge; we have none. A doctor learned to be a doctor, a pharmacist learned to be a pharmacist, a builder learned to be a builder, so why can’t you learn whatever it is you want to do? Is there a cut-off point to learning? Nope, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a moron. So tell that voice in your head to shut up and take control of your thoughts! You have to be the hero of your own story.

Mindset & Mindfulness are not the be all and end all of success; they are but links in the chain and the first step in transforming your life. There are so many links in the chain that it would not be practical to discuss them in a single post, but I will cover them one by one.

Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments and what it is that you wish to do with your life. I’ll leave you with this:

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve” – Napoleon Hill