School for Stammers

I know that is a bit off topic, but the school for stammers hit me right in the feels and I just had to write about it! The bullying that they must have endured in school doesn’t bear thinking about. Tony Robbins, the long distance lorry driver who chose his profession in order to minimise his contact with people, suffered with a stammer for over 50 years. A stammer he developed at just 6 years old following the divorce of his parents. He was unable to talk on the phone and spoke of his school days, where he was hit with a ruler and told by his teacher not to stammer while he talked to him; awful.

Then there was James, a 13 year old boy who severely struggled to say his own name. Jessica Davies, a self-employed wedding photographer, would take her friend along to the weddings; who would speak on Jessica’s behalf. But the one that stood out for me was pharmacist, Mueid Qualim; who’s stammer was so bad, that in one clip he couldn’t get his words out until one customer had left the shop (store if American).

During the participants first day at the School for Stammers, they were taught breathing techniques that would enable them to control their stammers. Mueid struggled in particular and grew increasingly frustrated with himself. He began saying that he couldn’t do it and repeating over and over. Mueid’s coach provided continuous encouragement, reassuring him that he could. By the third day, Mueid Qualim had developed a greater sense of self confidence and control over his breathing; resulting in a significant improvement in his speech. In fact, all of the participants did, which is amazing considering that the coaches only had 4 days with the participants.

What a fantastic program, that’s what reality TV should be about. Doing something constructive, something meaningful, something that can significantly alter someone else’s life for the better.

Though I revealed some information about the program, I have intentionally avoided certain areas, just in case you have not seen it yet and would like to watch the program.

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